Graduation ceremony dress requirements for most degrees include three pieces – gown, trencher and hood, which can be collected from our store.

The package includes:
  • Gown tailored and hand stitched in Cambridge style
  • Hood or stole in the colours signifying your degree
  • Official Sydney University branded trencher (hat) that is yours to keep
  • A personal dresser to assist you in the fitting and dressing on your special day

*Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander stoles are also available.

When booking, ensure all information regarding degree title, graduation date and time are correct. This will allow our staff to coordinate the hood colours as per University dress standards. Please note that not all graduate diplomas and certificates require a hood or stole.

All pieces except the trencher (hat) must be returned to the Nicholson Museum by the allocated time following your graduation experience to avoid a late fee.

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