We recommend booking as early as possible to guarantee availability and secure a fitting and collection appointment. Our all-inclusive price includes a personal dressing and fitting service, where you will be fitted according to the Cambridge standards and Senate resolutions.
USU Rewards members receive 10% their booking fee as well as any other merchandise or memorabilia purchased from the USYD STORE.
We recommend planning to arrive at least 15 minutes before your designated collection time as traffic and parking can be unpredictable. It is also advisable to check the location of the USYD Store in advance, so it is easier to find.
If you have booked a Trencher then it is yours to keep. We ask that all customers return all other pieces to the USYD Store by the allocated time following our booking period. Failure to return regalia within their specified timeframe may result in additional costs incurred by the hirer. Please refer to your hire receipt for your agreed return time.

Each item of graduation dress item (gown, hood and trencher) is referred to as a piece.
This includes the following:

  1. The appropriate style gown for your degree.
  2. The correct coloured hood or stole which signifies the degree in which you are graduating from as per the universities senate resolutions.
  3. The appropriate headwear for your degree.
When placing your booking you will need to type in the degree in which you are graduating from and our staff will know what to dress you in. We have been supplying graduation regalia to Sydney University Graduands for over 75 years and have extensive knowledge of degree colours and academic dress history.
The graduation dress for holders of graduate diplomas, postgraduate diplomas or graduate certificates includes a Bachelors style gown, a trencher cap, and a pleated neck stole. Please note though that not all postgraduate diplomas and certificates require you to wear a stole. Where a graduate diploma, a postgraduate diploma or graduate certificate does not have a designated neck stole, you may wear the appropriate regalia of a previous degree. If you have no previous degree then all you will need is a Bachelor gown & Trencher. Click here for more information.
Graduands who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent are eligible to wear a stole that represents their nationality and heritage. The stole is worn in addition to the required Graduation dress per the University Senate Resolutions.
The gown is worn open at the front so your clothing can be seen. We recommend wearing cocktail or business attire. If your graduation day falls in a warmer month then you are not obligated to wear a suit jacket under the gown as it can get quite hot. Selected ties can be pre ordered at a discounted price when you book your gown hire online. You can check out our full range here.