Make your graduation day run as smoothly as possible, here is our guide to making it a memorable day.

  • Check the graduation ceremony time and date sent to you by the Sydney University Graduation Department before booking your hire to make sure the appropriate fitting appointment is made.
  • Ensure you have written the correct degree title and faculty from which you are graduating so that the correct hood or stole can be provided at your fitting.
  • Book before the week of your graduation ceremony to secure the cheapest price for your regalia hire and if you have a USU Rewards membership use your own USU Rewards membership number to get a 10% discount on your hire and any purchases made from USYD STORE.
  • The dress code for the graduation ceremony is business and cocktail attire or semi-formal, depending on your personal preference. Come dressed in the outfit you are wearing to the ceremony if your fitting is the day of your graduation, as you made need to be redressed after changing (exception to day before fittings).
  • Make sure you have some form of ID (Student ID, licence etc.) with you when collecting your graduation regalia.
  • Allow enough time to arrive at USYD STORE for your fitting and to check in before your ceremony with the Graduations Department tent, located on the grass next to the Great Hall.
  • Our team of graduation staff will fit you according to your degree requirements and for hire all sizing of the gown and trencher will be done at your fitting appointment so there is no need to supply size measurements unless purchasing.
  • Make sure to return your regalia if you hired from USYD STORE, according to the return time listed on your booking form to avoid a late fee.




Aboriginal Stole *1
Graduate Diploma Indigenous Language Education
Torres Strait Islander Stole *1
Diploma of Education (Aboriginal)
Graduate Diploma Business
Graduate Diploma Human Resorce Management & Coaching
Graduate Diploma Transport Management
Associate Diploma Jazz Studies
Associate Diploma Music Teaching
Associcate Diploma Church music
Diploma of Music
Diploma of Opera
Graduate Diploma Music
Graduate Diploma Music (Creative sound production)
Graduate Diploma Music (Opera)
Graduate Diploma Music (Pedagogy)
Graduate Diploma Music (Performance)
Graduate Diploma Music Accompaniment
Graduate Diploma Architecture *2
Graduate Diploma Public Administration
Graduate Diploma Educational Studies
Graduate Diploma Learning Science & Technology
Diploma of Health Science
Graduate Certificate in Health Science *3
Graduate Diploma Health Science *3
Associate Diploma Community Health & Development
Graduate Certificate in Brain & Mind Sciences
Graduate Diploma Biostatistics
Graduate Diploma Genetic Counselling
Graduate Diploma Health Economics
Graduate Diploma HIV, STIs & Sexual Health
Graduate Diploma  Brain & Mind Sciences
Graduate Diploma in Surgery
Graduate Diploma Indigenous Health (Substance Abuse)
Graduate Diploma Indigenous Health Promotion
Graduate Diploma Indigenous Primary Health Care
Graduate Diploma Infection & Immunity
Graduate Diploma International Public Health
Graduate Diploma Medical Education
Graduate Diploma Medical Humanities
Graduate Diploma Medicine
Graduate Diploma Science in Medicine
Graduate Diploma Physical Medicine (Musculoskeletal)
Graduate Diploma Public Health
Graduate Diploma Herbal Medicine
Graduate Diploma Animal & Veterinary Bioscience
Graduate Diploma Veterinary Public Health Management
Graduate Diploma Commercial Law
Graduate Diploma Corporate Securities & Finance Law
Graduate Diploma Corporate Law
Graduate Diploma Criminology
Graduate Diploma Enviromental Law
Graduate Diploma Health Law
Graduate Diploma International Business Law
Graduate Diploma International Law
Graduate Diploma Jurisprudence
Graduate Diploma Law
Graduate Diploma Public Health Law
Graduate Diploma Taxation
Graduate Diploma Health Services Management
Graduate Diploma Nursing
Graduate Diploma Midwifery

*1 Indigenous Australians are welcome to wear the indigenous stole together with their degree’s hood stole. Please note this can only be worn by Graduands who are of Aboriginal descent. It is worn in addition to the degree's hood or stole.
*2 All Graduate Diploma's in faculty of Architecture wear the Architecture stole.
*3 All Graduate Certificates in faculty of Health Sciences wear the Health Science stole.

If your course is not listed and you have previously graduated from a degree then you are welcome to wear the hood that signifies your qualification. Please note that degree colours vary from each University and we only stock Sydney University regalia. If you have previously graduated from another University and you have an idea of what your degree colours are we will try to match them accordingly.

If your course is not listed and you have not previously attained a University degree of any kind then you are only required to wear a Bachelor style gown and trencher cap (2 pieces).