This service is for new hires ONLY. For renewals and cancellations, please visit us at the International Student Lounge on level 4 of the Wentworth Building. Both domestic and international students are welcome to use our services, we suggest you to read through FAQ before proceeding.


This is pre-booking only. Once you have reserved your preferred locker, you have two working days to finalise your hire by visiting our office and make the payment. If you miss the deadline, your reservation will be cancelled. Please note, our office hours are limited during the semester breaks.


BOOK Choose your locker and register online. Please note this does NOT guarantee you this locker.
PAY Come to ISL within 2 working days to confirm your registration and pay for your locker. If not, it will be cancelled.
HIRE Enjoy your locker! Make sure to keep your padlock on it and to keep the combination to yourself.
RENEW Your locker will be emptied if you do not renew or cancel your hire before the date listed on your contract.


Locker Access
  • How and when can I access the lockers?
    • Hire is available to all University staff & students.
    • Weekdays 7am-7pm only, excluding public holidays.
    • Locker inquiries: See office hours. Please note our office hours are limited during the non-teaching period.
    • Please select your locker carefully as you won’t be permitted to change it after payment.
Locker Dimension
  • How large is the locker?
    • H 450mm x W 375mm x D 450mm (We strongly suggest you to inspect the locker in person before hiring.)
  • How do I get my deposit back?
    • Cancel your hire strictly BEFORE the expiry date and have your padlock and locker content removed. OR
    • The deposit will be carried forward to the following year if you renew your hire BEFORE the expiry date.
Change of Details
  • What do I do if my contact details change?
    • It is the responsibility of the principal hirer to update the International Student Lounge if their contact details, especially their email addresses, change. Failure to do so could mean missing out on vital information about the lockers
  • Why can't I use my own padlock?
    • We have standardised all lockers to avoid students using them without hire.
  • Can I keep the padlock?
    • As the padlock is non-refundable, you can keep your padlock. However, you MUST remove the padlock before your hire expiry date. All padlocks remaining after the expiry date without renewals will be bolt cut and removed. It is YOUR responsibility to remove your padlock before the expiry date.
  • Why do I have to pay $20 for a padlock?
    • In order to prevent students using the lockers without hire, we have had to provide a streamlined padlock system.
    • This padlock system comes complete with a master key mechanism making them more expensive than the average retail price of a padlock with no master key override.
  • If I wish to renew my locker in the following year, would I need to purchase another padlock?
    • No, you can continue to use the same padlock you purchased from ISL.
Combination Codes
  • Can I change the codes?
    • No, unfortunately not.
  • What happens if I forget my code?
    • Padlock codes will be stored on our locker database, staff at ISL will be able to remind you of your combination should you forget it. This combination will be deleted once your locker hire is terminated. Only the principle hirer will be able to access the locker code from the International Student Lounge, in person, with a photo ID. Please also note the serial code on the back of the padlock.


Semester Hire
  Hire Fee Non-refundable once off padlock cost Deposit Total
Regular $55 $20 $20 $95
ACCESS Rewards $35 $20 $20 $75
Disability Services locker card $20 $20 $20 $60
Disability Services locker card + ACCESS Rewards Free $20 $20 $40
Annual Hire
  Hire Fee Non-refundable once off padlock cost Deposit Total
Regular $85 $20 $20 $125
ACCESS Rewards $55 $20 $20 $95
Disability Services locker card $20 $20 $20 $60
Disability Services locker card + ACCESS Rewards Free $20 $20 $40


Office Opening Hours:
    Out of Semester: 10am - 2pm (Mon-Fri) excluding public holidays
    Semester Hours: 10am - 5:30pm (Mon-Fri) excluding public holidays

    Level 4, Wentworth Building, University of Sydney Union
    Phone: 02 9563 6094 Email: